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5th Grade:

Pick from one of the three projects below, your choices include a family tree, a story starter online, or a paragraph explaining about a metaphor.

  • Choice 1: Esperanza Rising--family tree project
  • Choice 2: Esperanza Rising--story starter online, write a paragraph or an entire chapter and then print.
  • Choice 3: Type a paragraph using the metaphor below found in Esperanza Rising--
The metaphor is "There is no rose without thorns". Use Microsoft Word and explain what Abuelita means when she says this to Esperanza. Do you agree with this statement. Why or why not? How does Abuelita's statement apply to Esperanza's life? Why does the author use this metaphor? In your paragraphs write about some of the challenges Esperanza faced and how she handled the challenge. How did all the thorns or challenges change Esperanza?


Our district has purchased software called "Odyssey". We are excited to offer this to your child which will help students to achieve at high levels by addressing key content areas and accommodating a variety of learning styles. Use the online based program at home (if you have a computer and the Internet). The URL address is under Students, Student Resources. Your student knows their login information. See the handout below for more info.


Check out this web site for teaching Math and Reading TEKS.

3rd-5th grade will be using this site to investigate careers throughout the year and creating posters, brochures, and more! Visit this link and enter in your assigned user name and password to learn more.